We’ve worked on hundreds of websites over the years and through that experience we’ve learned what the best and most effective tactics are in designing and developing a web site. We operate mostly in wordpress installations but also have vast experience in simple HTML/CSS/PHP based websites, MySQL Databases, Bootstrap Frameworks and more. The web is an eternally changing thing. It can be hard to stay on top of the latest and greatest if that’s not your profession to do so. Contact the experts at Level 1 Development and let us be your personal web experts.

Web Design & Development

Website creation is both a creative and technical task.  The job is often split between a design team and a development team in order to achieve both a successful design and a functional website. We at Level 1 Development have the experience and expertise to complete both design and development phases of website creation. We design all our websites in house and, while we do use code libraries and even plugins, we have the ability and knowledge to manipulate this code to do what the client wants it to.

Content Management Systems

We’ve worked in a number of content management systems, primary among those being WordPress and Shopify. Content Management Systems can significantly simplify your web operations. Once implemented, you can replace the developer with a content coordinator and keep your website updated yourself.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing battle. You’re never truly “done” pushing your website up through the ranks in search engines. Blogs, frequent updates, and backlinks are some of the best ways to boost that ranking but before all that you need a site that’s geared up properly. We stay up to date with ever changing algorithms and industry standards to make sure your website is setup to perform properly.

Web Security

Web security is paramount when it comes to maintaining your company image and your rank in search engines. If your website becomes infected with malware and blacklisted then it’s not serving it’s primary purpose. We can implement a powerful firewall that’ll keep your website secure from malware attacks.

We’ve been working with websites for a while now and can help with just about anything when it comes to websites. If you have a unique job you’d like to discuss feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.