Hey there, something I realized while working as a web designer is that a website is simply a means to an end. Sometimes web designers can get so narrow minded and so focused on a project that they forget the reason they’re working on the project in the first place. As a web designer, my main source of clients is small business owners. Small business owners usually don’t have this massive budget to throw at marketing. So the money they do spend on marketing is spent on things deemed “most effective”. If you dumped a couple thousand dollars on something that provided you no new business and no new leads then you’d quickly deem that method “not effective” and move on to something else.

Sure a well designed, well developed website is important and will be effective when you do get clients to use it. By no means am I saying a website is unimportant, (the title was just to catch your attention) what I’m trying to convey here is that your website is just the beginning. You’ll want to be visible on the first page of certain searches on the internet, you’ll want your posts and specials to reach the desired target market on your various social media profiles, you’ll want to build email lists to connect with current and prospective clients and you’ll want to run your email program in a way that doesn’t drive away your subscribers. These are all things a web professional can accomplish for you or at least consult you on and these things will drive business.

This is another argument for using a web professional as opposed to hiring your neighbor’s third cousin. When you hire a web professional they’ll help you with and handle your entire web presence. They’ll provide you statistics and hard numbers that can justify the money you’re spending on their services.  Moral of the story is, you don’t need a website, you need more clients and more sales, spend your money once and hire someone that knows what they’re doing, understands your needs, and can provide real results.