Hey there, I recently attended a webinar where they were discussing Reputation Management. If you don’t know what Reputation Management is, it’s basically working to ensure that your reviews across the web are showing your company in a good light. In the webinar they highlighted how websites like Amazon were teaching web users to make purchases based on a product’s or company’s rating.

They displayed a google search where three different company’s were listed. The company that showed up first had 0 reviews and no rating, the second company in the list had 50+ reviews and a 5 star rating, and the third company had 8 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. They then asked the question, “Which company would you contact first?”. Well obviously everybody said they’d contact the 5 star, 50+ review company that showed up second. This drove home the idea that you can have stellar SEO and be #1 in the search results but having a high rating and good reviews to back you up can really turn up the dial on conversions.

So what’s involved with Reputation Management? It’s pretty straight forward, you need people to give your company good reviews. In my searches I found a pretty helpful program that takes care of a lot of the difficulties of reputation management. It’s called Grade.us. This web service gathers up all the reviews that exist on popular review sites and combines them into a single list. From there you can embed these reviews in your website or other places to show how great your company is.

Grade.us also has pretty great tools for getting new reviews. The program will generate a form that your customers can use to rate you. You set all the parameters including the acceptance threshold. Basically it’ll see if someone is giving you a bad rating and instead of posting that rating to your review stream it’ll give the disgruntled customer an outlet to vent to.  This way, you get helpful information about what went wrong for this specific client and they’re angry fuck you post doesn’t tarnish your rating.

Linking your review profiles on other sites is a breeze in Grade.us. All you have to do is punch in your company name and address and Grade.us scans all the popular review sites for posted reviews and in a matter of moments it compiles them all into your account. It’s super easy to do and saves a ton of time.

Grade.us isn’t the only reputation management program out there but it seems to be one of the better ones. Whether you decide to use Reputation Management Software or not is up to you. Managing your business’s online reputation should be of paramount importance though. You want clients and potential clients to be able to find you online but when they find you, you want them to see that your company has a good reputation. No reputation, or worse a bad reputation, will have your potential clients running to your competition. But a good reputation can boost your SEO efforts and maximize your conversions.